Viral video debunked: Russian ghost car

We are bombarded with social media links to strange news stories and amazing videos that seem mysterious, confounding or paranormal. Luckily, there are some extremely talented individuals that not only take the time necessary to analyze and investigate these claims, but also can do a fantastic and entertaining video to show you exactly how we were all (nearly) fooled.

Probably my absolutely favorite mystery unmasker is Captain Disillusion. Here Captain Disillusion deconstructs the viral dashboard camera video showing a “ghost car” appear on the streets of Russia. You will get a baker’s dozen of aha moments in this video as well as a gaggle of good laughs.

If you see a video or hear about a claim that seems mysterious, you can bet there are brains working on a reasonable explanation for it. Aren’t you glad you are aware of how it really happened instead of just exclaiming “Wow, DUDE! That’s off the charts!”? The more you know…

Outta nowhere! I mean, somewhere we couldn't see. Until now.

Outta nowhere! I mean, somewhere we couldn’t see. Until now.


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