Mexican demon? Divination by pencil? Or just a slight breeze?

This weekend we saw the explosion of the Charlie Charlie Challenge game on social media that seemed to freak kids out. Well, it’s not new, it’s not impressive, and it’s not even as good as an old fashioned Ouija board. It’s more than a bit silly. Learn the simple physics behind the trick.

Twitter and the Mirror (U.K.) were all ABUZZ with a new hash tag #charliecharliechallenge. Wonder what it is or wonder if it’s real? Well, it’s a form of divination with a mechanism and backstory (or lack of one) that is impressive to teens and the like who want life to be spooky. Is it real?…

Source: Child’s Play: Charlie Charlie Challenge is same old same old… | Doubtful News

As noted in the piece, the whole “Mexican tradition” bit is also highly dubious. If it sounds wonky, it probably is nonsense.

Oh, please…

See how easy it is to do…

2 thoughts on “Mexican demon? Divination by pencil? Or just a slight breeze?

  1. Angela says:

    I moderate a paranormal forum and have been putting the Doubtful News story on there as discussion. Someone came along to comment that it had been ‘commonly known’ in the Dominican Republic for some time. I asked for documentation, since we are now hearing that it is a viral marketing campaign. Three days and still waiting for an answer on that one–not holding my breath. (and of course, have found nothing elsewhere).


    • idoubtit says:

      Same stuff with the Chupacabra as a “legend”. People often conflate memories or relate something similar. At least two Central American archaeologists say they never heard of it.


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