Homeopathy? Let me count the zeros…

Homeopathy is ridiculous in concept and in practice. It not only goes against what we know about chemistry and physics regarding water and molecules but also of the medicinal value of certain substances. Ironically, the substances are not even IN the product.

Here is a great example. Did you know that the product “Oscillococcinum” is homeopathic but its basis is duck organs?

homeopathy explained

It’s true! For many who think “homeopathy” just means “natural” or “herbal”  this may be difficult to comprehend. But it’s for real. THERE’S NOTHING IN IT!

There are many apologists for “Big Homeopathy” ($26 for a nothing pill? Nice plan!) but the bottom line is homeopathy does not and CAN not work. When it gets tested like drugs with regular active ingredients, it fails. It may be safe (a nothing pill is relatively harmless unless it substitutes for a needed treatment), but it’s not any more effective than a placebo, which is what it is, really, a substitute for a real treatment.

If you use homeopathy, you should really know more about it.

Go here:

Science-based Medicine: Homeopathy
Homeopathy: Pure Water or Pure Nonsense?
The 10-23 Campaign


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