Evolution: It just is

About 20% of Americans do not “believe” in evolution. This piece from BBC News explains evolution in a way you should consider: How Do We Know Evolution is Real

The nifty but harsh thing about scientific knowledge as time-tested and confirmed as evolution is that it doesn’t care if you believe it or not, it still just is.

Evolution just is.

Whale evolution. Credit: Berkeley.edu.

Whale evolution. Credit: Berkeley.edu.

Darwin himself struggled with the ramifications of his findings but he let the evidence and reason that he worked through for a long time guide him to his conclusions. These conclusions are still robust today though scientists have refined the details substantially with discoveries such as DNA and, thanks to technology, we understand much more about how we are ever so slightly genetically different from person to person and from population to population.

If you don’t “believe” in evolution, it’s difficult to explain how we  can document the small changes in genetics and characteristics through time that now make organisms different from those long ago. There is no doubt that we share the foundational building blocks. All life shares a common ancestor. Evolution just is.

toloverviewThose who deny evolution don’t do it because of any controversial scientific findings. They do it because either they have not grasped the meaning and understanding of how nature works (maybe they never were given the opportunity to learn), or they reject it because some other belief system (namely, religious view) takes priority for them over scientific knowledge. In the grand scheme of things, they miss out comprehending how nature works. What a loss.

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2 thoughts on “Evolution: It just is

  1. unicorndaniel says:

    David Suzuki, when he was a genetics researcher, was at a professional conference in England ,where a journalist ,who apparently thinking Suzuki was another journalist, asked him if he believed in evolution. Suzuki said, “No.”—- “No.You don’t believe in it?”—-Suzuki : “I don’t believe in it. I know it.”


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