Thinking thoughtfully: Consumer’s guides to breaking news

56391120It’s the end of the year, a time to reflect on what went wrong and how to fix things in our lives. Well, one GREAT effort we all can make is to be a bit more thoughtful about thinking.

Information is not the same as KNOWLEDGE. We are barraged with information. Constantly. And I’d guess more than half of it is unsubstantiated, not quite right, or downright untrue. Knowledge takes more effort. It’s a consideration of the information and placing it into a framework of how the world is or a model of the way things work. Information can mislead as often as lead. Knowledge can be enlightening and is part of who you are.

We can always use more knowledge. We can probably do with less information.  Quality information is only what’s good for most of us (unless you are in a profession that can capitalize on bad information).

Here’s where the skepticism comes in. Continue reading